Agile Quick Start

I am a firm believer in incremental change. The bigger the changes you introduce into any environment, the bigger the risk is that you won’t know what to fix if something goes wrong. I live by that philosophy in my personal and professional environments.

Changing the way you operate from whatever it is that you do now (be it a lot or a little) to run your home smoothly, the more you change at once, the bigger the risk is that you will have problems. That said, I have a few recommendations for implementing change.

  1. Identify a problem to address.This sounds deceiving. The challenge in identifying a problem is finding the root cause. In the software industry, we have a method called “the five whys.” I have an upcoming post on how to execute the five whys process at home to find the source of your problem, also known as “the real issue.”
  2. Identify the simplest solution to the issue.Less is more, but in most cases I have found that one of three basic goals are the solution to most issues: communication, collaboration, or consistency. I have an upcoming post on solution types and some tips and tools to implement these types of solutions.
  3. Set clear attainable goals.There are endless platitudes about Rome, and oceans,  and mountains, but they all say the same thing, change takes time. But for those of us who like life to be somewhat platitude-free, I have an upcoming post on goal setting.
  4. Plan, measure, re-plan.Make sure what you are doing is having the effect you want it to have, if it isn’t, try something else.
  5. Profit!